Tomatoes – “Persimmon”

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Everyone is used to the red tomato, and very vain. After tasting tomato “Persimmon” – yellow tomatoes, the rest of the red species have still good to compete for a place in a salad and conservation. It’s sort of recently launched, but he generously flooding the garden plots. Disabled Russian tomato breeder. This tomato can be grown in the garden, a greenhouse, and even at home on the window. Our acquaintance with tomato “Persimmon” begins123829

Early tomato for open field

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This grade refers to plants with restricted growth. The height of the bush varieties of Leningrad chill no more than half a meter, they usually reach a height of 35 – 40 cm Bushes compact form.. Leaves are medium in size, color, leaf plates – green.

Ripening time early tomato occurs within 85 – 90 days with warm weather and lots of sun. The main crop in normal weather gives over 100 – 103 days. Tomatoes in this class have a red color. When grown in the open ground in the bushes formed by 3 – 4 brushes. The number of fruits in each hand is 8 – 9.1pomidor

With a single plant can remove up to 20 – 25 tomatoes an average weight of 70 grams, round, obovate. The number of seed cells early 2. Taste tomato rated as good, with a slight acidity. Subject to the rules of farming from one square meter can be removed 3.0 – 3.5 kg.

Pumpkin growing.

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Useful in a pumpkin – a peel, pulp and seeds of the fruit. Pumpkin pulp is used in cooking for cooking various dishes. The inner part of the fiber is a useful drug. Pumpkin seeds are processed to oil, it is used, including, for the expulsion of helminths.

Unusual Halloween is complete without pumpkins of dried fruits create mythical images of the characters.

Most appreciated muscat, sweet pumpkin. This variety is different appetizing taste among others. It is poured to form interesting shapes, the fruit has a different color. Small gourd successfully stored in the home during winter season.

Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, they need to be sure to correctly configure. This agricultural practices will allow even the novice gardener to receive 15 kg per plant indoors. Characteristics of the most greenhouse pale into insignificance compared with the characteristics of planted varieties, because at this point there are very important issues, but all in good time.16058YoRNIkCOhFrgXJPtTq

How does the moon landing on plants?

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How to determine when to sow seeds, plant seedlings, the plants grow strong, not ill and gave a good harvest? Of course, on the moon. Its phase and position affect all living things, including plants.1446484549-658

“The right moment” landing comes when our actions fall to the beat of the rhythm Nature, or else – is inevitable setbacks and losses, which we believe will certainly be to blame for late autumn, early spring, no rain or sunshine. Large economy from losses save large volumes of landings and take risks on several acres, one probably should not.

How to deal with weeds?

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Eternal enemy – the satellites are vegetable gardens weeds. Invented many ways to deal with them, but there is no single approach. The accumulated knowledge and effective methods should be used in combination, the only way to get rid of weeds.

It is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of these plants, not inadvertently contribute to their reproduction. Weed flora varied throughout our country, but there is a major “pests” kitchen gardens, which are present in nearly every region.kak-izbaviutcya-ot-sornyakov-640x330

Ambrosia know “in your face” not only gardeners, but also allergies. This weed crops in addition to harassment in the garden can cause severe allergy during the flowering period. Ragweed is a plant quarantine, but in spite of the overall effort which should be aimed at its destruction, it continues to spread and cause harm. In small groups easily destroy ragweed as digging or weeding. Numerous germs may be treated with the herbicide. The main thing – to prevent seed formation and to remove ragweed, not only in the garden, but also off the field.

How to propagate barberry?

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Barberry – a common plant in our gardens. It is used for different purposes, but more often grown for berries. They have a pleasant sour taste, they can be used as a seasoning, a base for marinades, pickles, and other things. No less important is the barberry in landscape design. When making a garden design it will stand out bright color, especially in the fall or in the background of coniferous trees.

Description and varieties of barberry54

Barberry – rather extensive biological gender. Basically, he is treated trees and shrubs. Barberry good resistance to summer heat, tolerate poorly fertilized soils. This plant grows rapidly, which led to its successful use as a hedge.

In the spring and summer breeding barberry it is very fast. Therefore, we can get new plants without too much hassle. Propagated plant cuttings in spring.

Currants – cultivation and care

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Currant is one of the most valuable horticultural crops. First of all, because it contains large amounts of vitamin C. However, the production of currant berries every year more and more reduced. This is primarily due to the difficulties in taking care of seedlings. In addition, the cultivation of currants need a large amount of manpower, but the plants themselves are extremely susceptible to pests.ф

Recently, however, science offers growers effective new ways to grow black currants. They increase productivity and life fruiting shrubs. Among these innovative ways of cultivating currants – the formation of a bole.